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Listen. Ask. Listen. Recommend.

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to chat with an amazing manager at a very successful distribution company. 

The manager called to ask if I would give them some quotes on some very important IT security tasks that she needed done quickly.I listened to the request and let her know that we could take care of the issues. Then, I asked her if it would be okay if I stopped by to discuss the problems in a little more depth. With some reservation, she agreed to a quick in-person meeting.

When I arrived at her office, I immediately noticed an immaculate shop with technology being used as a competitive advantage. It was evident by the Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) all over the facility that the systems were tightly integrated. Awesome!

We sat down, and I asked her to give me a brief overview of the problem she needed handled and how I could help. This was when I began to understand what was going on.

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Note-Taking Apps: Comparing Evernote, OneNote, and Apple Notes

Collaboration and connectivity are increasingly important in today’s world. It seems like every day there is a new tool or system for taking, sharing, and collaborating on notes. Each of these promises to make everything we have documented accessible any time, anywhere – and for the most part, that’s possible.

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Ask an IT Guy: Why Does My Business Have So Many Email Issues?

Emails run our daily lives. By a show of hands, how many of us check our email first thing in the morning? My hand is in the air too, so no judgment. It's just so easy with our pocket-sized computers, also known as smartphones, nearby. Slam the alarm and check your email, it’s a no-brainer.

So when it doesn't work, or it keeps giving you problems, it's frustrating. One of the most common problems executives have when they come to us is about the functionality of their email. 

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Tech Trends: Google Pixel Buds, A Cost-Effective Translator for Small Businesses?

Companies have been announcing new products like their hosting an award show for a while now. Usually they’re announcing slight upgrades or changes to their products that we yawn through, knowing that it’s not that big of a deal. But this time around, Google introduced something that could change the world as we know it.

Pixel Buds.

With the introduction of the Pixel Buds, what can small businesses gain? Let’s explore what Pixel Buds are, and how a real-time voice translator could be BIG news.

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IT Untangled: 3 Ways to Maximize Remote Employee Performance

Remote employees are only growing in popularity in the business world. Working from home gives companies the opportunity to hire people outside of their immediate area. It’s really a win-win for business and employees alike. Having greater access to talent means better business overall. And working from home is a SUPER perk for employees.

Accent Computer Solutions, Inc. is no stranger to remote employees. Most of our employees are Southern California locals, but several are completely remote, spread as far as Louisiana. While others are what we call “flex-remote.” They split their time between working from home and coming into the office. For some, that means being in the office a few times a week; for others, it means coming in weekly or monthly.

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Tech Alert: 5 Critical Steps for CEOs When Moving to the Cloud

Moving to the Cloud isn’t really a trend anymore, it’s basically a part of daily work life. The hybrid method of having local and Cloud-based services has really taken a life of its own.

That being said, what do you, as the CEO, need to know about the Cloud?  

Accent Computer Solutions, Inc. has been working with CEOs since before the Cloud became a buzzword. When we’re talking about the Cloud, a few questions always come up. Questions like “Will the Cloud work for my company” or “does moving to the Cloud mean my IT support costs go down?” These are important questions. 

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What’s a Technology Roadmap or Strategic Technology Plan?

Information technology (IT) exists to help us be more productive and to make life easier. Software tools are critical for businesses to stay ahead – or at least on pace – with their competition. The challenge is that many still see IT as an obstacle; a necessary evil that all-too-often finds itself in the wrong column of the company balance sheet.

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Creating and Maintaining a Positive Company Culture

I was with a group of business owners a few weeks ago and the topic of company culture came up. 

As with any discussion of culture, it was an interesting and quite perplexing discussion. Some were curious what culture was all about, and others wanted to understand how to create a good culture at their organizations.

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IT Untangled: Do Water Districts Need Different IT Support?

Water districts play a huge role in everyone’s life. Thanks to them, we have clean water in our homes, offices, and schools. But when you think “water districts,” you don’t think of information technology (IT). Like any other office building or company, they still need phone systems, workstations, and Internet service. Plus, don’t forget security is a must no matter what industry you are in.

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8 Best Value Computers & Laptops for Small Business 2017

Computers are the backbone of most, if not all, business environments. And while things are getting blurry between tablets, 2-in-1s, and laptops – the need for a high-functioning machine is in more demand than ever.

Finding the right business laptop for your needs is a serious investment. It’s always best to get the facts straight up before you make that large purchase.

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