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5 Signs Your Manufacturing, Distribution, or Logistics Business Needs Better Data Management Blog Feature
Courtney Casey

By: Courtney Casey on July 24th, 2019

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5 Signs Your Manufacturing, Distribution, or Logistics Business Needs Better Data Management

Your company database isn’t exactly a sales tool, yet if you’re not managing your data properly in your manufacturing, distribution or logistics business, it can be a reason why you fail to land a big prospective customer. It can also be the reason why you lose customers, or employees for that matter.

You may have never thought that data management could have such an impact on your business but the truth is, getting a firm grip on the way that information flows through each department and process can improve your whole business.

See if you have any of these five signs that you might need better data management.

1. Your Systems Aren’t Connected

Are you using spreadsheets, or even paper and pencil, in some parts of your organization?

Are you only partially utilizing your ERP or WMS software?

If everyone isn’t accessing the same source of information, there are bound to be inaccuracies and gaps in what you can learn about how operations are performing. Another impact from this scenario is that data needs get siloed, and not shared, which results in a bumpy flow of information that fails to lead to good decisions.

2. You Can’t Consistently Meet Lead Time

What does your late shipment report look like? If you find that you’re consistently falling short of what you promised, it could be because of poor data management.

Being late could be because you didn’t know you needed materials, or your scheduler thought you had machine availability but you didn’t. A backlog in the materials and equipment you need to schedule or purchase to get the job could cause a long domino effect. For example, you might have to ship in multiple partial shipments, or find yourself spending more money to expedite way too many deliveries.

3. You Can’t Meet Customer Information Specs

If your customers are savvy users of data, it’s likely that they’ll have specifications for getting real time information from you. When your customer’s ability to meet the needs of their own customers is dependent on you, they don’t want to wait on answers. They want assurance that what you’re telling them is accurate.

If your data management system isn’t comprehensive enough to meet their needs, they’re likely to go to a competitor who can.

4. You Never Grow Because You’re Just Trying to Keep Up

Sustainable growth rarely happens when everyone’s time and attention is occupied with just trying to keep up. Ineffective information flow and poor data management can be indicative of the need to improve your processes.

Repeatable processes are essential for growth and enable your employees to serve customers.

5. You Think You Should Be More Profitable Than You Are

Sometimes the signs that you need to improve data management are subtle. Is there a disconnect as you look at the revenue you’re bringing in and the products or services that are going out?

Improving data management could help you to find waste and the gaps in your processes, resulting in a more profitable business.

Improve Every Layer of Your Business with Data Management

Changing the way that you manage your data can have a huge effect on your business. It’s not just about numbers going in and out --  it’s about changing the way that your employees and your business operate on a day-to-day basis. 

Learn more about data management at our webinar -- Data Management for Manufacturing, Distribution and Logistics Companies: How to Improve Every Layer of Your Business by Improving the Way You Track and Manage Products and Materials


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