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7 Managed IT Services Myths to Slay Blog Feature
Courtney Casey

By: Courtney Casey on March 31st, 2021

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7 Managed IT Services Myths to Slay

There are many reasons why you might be looking for a new IT support company; you’ve outgrown your current provider; your IT manager is leaving; you’re not confident about your security; technology is a constant frustration.

Whatever your reason, don’t overlook managed IT services as an option because of preconceived ideas about how your company may not be a fit.

To help you have an open mind, let’s get rid of these myths and misconceptions:

#1: I Can’t Afford Managed IT Services

When you’re looking to move to managed IT services for the first time, you might have a little sticker shock when you learn about the monthly fee. The truth is, however, that you might be paying too much for IT right now. You just don’t know it.

When you add up all of your expenses (labor, tool licensing, what it costs of lost production when your technology is slow or down, etc.), it’s very likely that you’ll save money going with managed services.

#2: I’ll Have to Buy More Services Than I Need

It used to be true that small businesses had small IT needs but not anymore.

Because of the increasing complexity of technology, and the exponential increase in cyber threats, companies of all sizes need sophisticated IT support. With managed IT services as your outsourced IT department, you actually get just what you need, and you can scale up or down as your business changes.

#3: We’ll Have to Get Rid of Our Current IT Department

Many managed IT services providers offer agreements for complete IT department outsourcing, as well as options for working with your existing IT department. So if it works best to keep your IT department on staff, you can!

As you begin to partner with a managed IT services department, your internal IT team might feel a little threatened. After all, they’re handing over a lot of responsibility, and this might stir up feelings or a need for control.

As the partnership develops, your IT staff will actually find that they can be personally and professionally more successful. They’ll have the freedom to focus on areas of technology that allow them to expand their own skills, exercise their creativity, and help your business to innovate.

#4: We’ll Get Cookie-Cutter Services

Part of the value that you get from a managed IT service provider is that they  use industry best practices and standardization to streamline processes. And that’s not just their processes -- that may include some of your processes, too, such as how you get a new employee setup with their tech tools.

However, the IT strategy for your business is going to be totally unique.

Your strategy will depend on your situation, your goals, and will evolve as your business evolves and you can’t get that from an assembly-line approach to IT.

#5: The Bigger the MSP, the Better the Service

What you should look for is a managed IT company that is right-sized for you.

It might be tempting to think that the biggest companies are going to be the best, but what often happens is that they have a sweet spot for clients that are also very large companies. If your company size falls below that sweet spot, your needs may get pushed down the priority list. 

Ask the company what their typical or ideal client size is and that may help you figure out if they're the right fit for you. 

#6: We’ll Have to Give Up Control of Our IT Systems

You will be handing over access and responsibility for many facets of your IT system to your new managed service provider, but you still own everything. You will still be making decisions.

If you pick the right MSP, they will very soon prove that they are your partner and working for your mutual success, and the relationship that forms will be collaborative and not controlling.

#7: We’ll Be Less Secure If We Outsource

You’re probably going to be MORE secure when you contract with a managed IT services provider.

It’s in the MSP’s best interest, as well as yours, to make sure that you don’t have a data breach (internal or external). The managed service provider is continually investing in sophisticated tools, and training to stay up-to-date in their knowledge about cyber threats, how to repel them, how to monitor for intrusions, and how to respond if an attack gets through.

How to Choose a Managed IT Services Company

Now that you have banished your misconceptions about managed IT services, learn how to choose the MSP that’s the best fit for your company. Get the Guide to Managed IT Services: How Filling the Gaps in Your IT Capability Enables Business Success.


About Courtney Casey

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