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The IT Support Education Center

The most educational business technology blog for Southern California executives, featuring insider tips, articles, and videos on how to get the best IT results.

Stalled Career Restarted at Accent – A Spotlight on Amber Mena

What is a Managed Firewall and How Much Does a Managed Firewall Cost?

Learn how to develop an IT strategy book chapter

Do IT Right: It's Not About The Computers

Optimize your business's IT function, understand proper - and cost effective - IT staffing, and learn from the mistakes others have made.

3 Reasons Why Hardware Updates Support Our Shared Goal of Predictable Technology

Top 5 Places Businesses Should Use Multi-Factor Authentication

Replacing Your WatchGuard XTM Firewall: How You Benefit When We Standardize

Is Recovery Here? 4 Signs That Say We’re on Our Way

Acceptable Use Policy: What Is It, What's Included and Why Is It Important for Businesses?

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Options for Businesses: What They Do, How They Work, and How Much They Cost

The Best Reason to Upgrade Your WatchGuard XTM Firewall: Get More Built-In Security Tools

A Heart for Helping – A Spotlight on Melinda Pagani

The Future of the Business Phone System in a Work-From-Home World

How to Pick a New Business Phone System

Toshiba Phone System End-of-Life: What Are Your Options Now?

Best Email Signature Management Options for Microsoft Office 365

What Does Recovery Look Like?

Video Conferencing Options: Zoom vs. Microsoft Teams vs. GoToMeeting

Pandemic-Style Remote Work and the New Normal: A Perspective From a Pre-COVID Remote Employee

Lifting Each Other Up Makes the Team Stronger - A Spotlight on Ivan Rubio

Bringing Work Computers Back to the Office: How to Reconnect Work Computers to the Office Network Without Compromising Security

Top 5 Business Trends From COVID-Life That Are Here to Stay

Video Conferencing is Here to Stay: How to Have Better Virtual Meetings

Behind the Scenes: How Accent Computer Solutions Responds Faster and Improves Teamwork by Using Microsoft Teams for its After-hours IT Support Process

Are You Overlooking the Impact That Your Culture Has on Your Success?

Data Integrity and Your Remote Workforce: Did You Adjust Your Business Data Backup Strategy When Employees Went Home?

How to Stay in Compliance When Employees are Working From Home

Turning Around Your Horrible Day – A Spotlight on Jason Barnes

6 Common WordPress Vulnerabilities

Do You Know Where Your Data Is? Out-of-Sight Data and Your Remote Workforce

The Business Impact of the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)

Train Your Team to Spot High-Stakes Phishing

10 Precautions Your Business Should Take When Transitioning to the Cloud

Will People Come Back to the Office? Plan Now to Get the Most out of Your Business

UCI's Customer Experience Certificate Program Welcomes Derek Woolf As Newest Advisory Board Member

Benefits of Anti-Phishing Software for Small Businesses

How Should We Prioritize Our IT Strategy Right Now? IT From the Inside Out

Make Personal Browsing Policies Work for Everyone

Accountability Makes Accountant’s Job Easy – A Spotlight on Joseph Mainez

Stop Letting Remote Workers Use Windows 7

8 Cyber Security Drills You Should Run in 2020

Where We Go From Here: Building Resilience in Remote Work and Security

Outsourcing IT in a Changing Economy

Security Concerns Cause Gloom for Zoom

Skyrocketing a Career Path - A Spotlight on Erik Bekke

How to Make Sure Employees Are Productive When Working From Home

Top Network Security Risks in 2020 - Part 2

Remote Workers and Security: Staying Safe in Changing Times

4 Ways To Reduce IT Costs Right Now

Best Practices to Securely Work from Home

Critical Security Measures for Companies with Work-From-Home Staff

Minimum Work-From-Home Technology Specs

Top Network Security Risks in 2020 - Part 1

George Will Figure IT Out - A Spotlight on George Mellott

How Do I Secure My Network for Remote Users? - Ask an IT Guy

Remote Access Without VPN is Risky Business

IT Untangled: 3 Ways to Maximize Remote Employee Performance

How Technology and Automation Can Help Your Business Survive the Next Recession

Is a Cyber Security Consulting Firm Worth It?

Open Door to Opportunity - A Spotlight on Abel Vega

Cyber Security is a Shared Responsibility

Is NIST Compliance Just for the IT Department?

Email Safety Best Practices: How to Stay Safe From Email Scams

Top 3 Problems Manufacturers Have with NIST Cyber Security Compliance

Finding a Work Family - A Spotlight on Ginger Beckman

5 Reasons to Use the NIST Cyber Security Framework

NIST Guidelines Make Passwords Easier to Remember but Hard to Crack

2019 Progress and 2020 Plans

Top 10 Tips to Select the Best IT Support Company

Your IT Support Provider's Role in Regulatory Compliance

Growing a Job Into a Career  – A Spotlight on Ian Shaw

Warning: 3 Signs That Outsourcing IT Support is a MUST

Can IT Support Contract Costs Be Reduced?

IT Untangled: A Small Business's Guide to Outsourced IT Support

How to Switch IT Support Companies As Smoothly As Possible

Benefits and Advantages of IT Outsourcing: Why Would A Business Outsource Their IT Support?

Types of Outsourced IT Support Services: Which Model is Best for Your Business?

Bridging Technology and Business  – A Spotlight on Ammon Becar

5 Common Reasons Why IT Projects Fail

What Does the IT Department Do? 7 Metrics Executives Should Watch

5 Password Policy Guidelines for Small to Mid-Size Businesses

Meeting Business Goals Heads Down and Close Together

How to Give Vendors Network Access Without Compromising Security

Social Engineering & IT Security: What Businesses Need To Know

3 Big Reasons Why Your IT Department Needs Outsourced Cyber Security Services

Should Business Owners Phish Their Employees?

Daily Challenges Keeps Things Fresh - A Spotlight on Chris Frye

Help! We Need NIST Cyber Security Compliance

6 Critical IT Services for a Successful IT Department

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month

Choosing the Right IT Provider - 8 Questions to Ask

Cyber Security Awareness: A National Initiative and Pressing Business Concern

How IT Strategy Impacts Company Success and Growth

Behavior-Based Training Essential for Email Security

Reaching for the Best - A Spotlight on Shantae' Hansen

How to Set Up a Professional On-Hold Recording for Your Business Phone System

What Every Business Needs to Know About Cyber Security

Five IT Anchors Holding Your Business Back

Blocking Social Media at Work: Is it Increasing or Decreasing Productivity?

Can Everyone See the Big Picture?

Do You Have the Right IT Crew?

AI vs. AI in the Small Business Cyber Security Fight

Can-Do Means She Cares - A Spotlight on Cheryl Carlson

Data Management: It's Not About the Software

Five Ways to Improve Your Business by Improving Data Management

Are You Prepared for the Future of the Cloud?

5 Signs Your Manufacturing, Distribution, or Logistics Business Needs Better Data Management

Out of the Box Thinking Encouraged - A Spotlight on Sean Sharifi

Island Hopping: A Small Business Cyber Security Risk

Why Are Real Emails Getting Stuck in My Spam Filter? The Unintended Consequences of Spam Filtering

Cyber Times Are Changing: How to Protect Your Small Business from Growing Cyber Security Threats

Top 7 Financial Benefits of Managed IT Services

3 Commonly Overlooked Ways to Keep Your Personal Information Safe from Online Threats

No Fear of Stagnation at Accent - A Spotlight on Kenny Riedell

The Two Biggest Mistakes You Can Make with Your Windows 10 Upgrade

Offload These Two Responsibilities to Managed IT Services

Top 3 IT Concerns From Small Business Executives This Month

3 Time-Saving Computer Tips to Help You Work More Effectively

7 Managed IT Services Myths to Slay

A Good Place to Start to Stay Safe from Cyber Criminals

7 Ways You Could Be Overspending on IT

10 Questions to Ask Before Signing a Managed IT Services Contract

Progress is Always Possible - A Spotlight on Sarah Crofutt

Accent Computer Solutions Recognized as a Top Managed IT Service Provider for Manufacturers

How to Fit IoT into Your IT Strategy

When Expectations Aren't Aligned, Everyone is Frustrated

No One Carries the Load Alone at Accent - A Spotlight on Johnny Olesh

Getting Hacked Isn't Normal

7 Ways to Minimize Unexpected IT Costs and Expenses

Determining the Real Cost of IT Purchases

Avoid Challenges With Preparation and Foresight

How to Get the Most Out of Your Computers: Extending the Life of Your Business Laptops & Workstations

Incompatibilities Could Make Your Windows 10 Upgrade More Complex Than You Think

Take Down Technology Roadblocks With Managed IT Services

Calculating the True Cost of Your Information Technology

Top 7 Ways Managed IT Services Grow Your Business

Four Problems With Managed IT Services That You May Not Have Considered

In-House or Managed IT Services is the Wrong Question

The Pros and Cons of Outsourcing IT Services

It’s All About the Pro-Employee Environment for John

An IT Lesson from Williamson’s Shoe Blowout

February Focus: Planning, Expanding, and Securing

Beware of Tax Season Scams

How to Get the Most from Your Managed IT Services Relationship

The Difference Between Managed IT Services and Unmanaged IT

Is Your IT Department Destined For Failure?

Josh Builds His Technical Skillset and Meets Career Goals at Accent

Planning For Data Disasters Of All Sizes

The Big, Bad "IT" in the Room

Erica Finds Career Growth and Spontaneous Cheering at Accent

Types of Data Backups & Ways to Keep Your Data Safe

The Difference Between Data Backup, Disaster Recovery, and Business Continuity

Six Business Technology Problems to Solve This Year

Business Technology Resolutions for 2019

Time to Remove Technology Roadblocks to Business Success

[Video] Plan Ahead When Taking Your Servers to the Cloud

[Video] Factors to Consider Before Transitioning to Cloud Services

[Video] Simple Introduction to Cloud Computing: SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS

The Dumb Thing About Smart Devices

Accent Computer Solutions is an Inland Empire Top Workplace for the 4th Year in a Row

Disruption Ahead for Those Who Ignore End-of-Life for Microsoft OS Products

How to Keep Your Data Safe & Business Running During California's Fire Season

Top 4 Email and Online Scams To Avoid This Holiday Season

Accent Computer Solutions Recognized for Cyber Security Expertise

Technology Planning To Meet Your 2019 Business Goals

The Difference Between Noisy and Quiet IT

6 Reasons to Get Excited About Upgrading to Windows 10

Looking For a Managed IT Services Price List?

Video Tip: 3 Tips To Secure Your Mobile Devices

Is the Cloud More Secure Than the Server in My Office?

IT Is Not What IT Seems

Compliance Isn't Enough for Healthcare Organizations

5 Ways Executives Stumble Over Cyber Security

Cyber Security in Your Business Strategy is Like a Fitness Plan

5 Questions to Ask Yourself if You Don’t Think Cyber Security is an Executive Problem

Cyber Risk is Business Risk

How to Make Sure Your Emails Get Delivered, Not Blacklisted

What IT Needs Most in This Super Complex Technological World: Communication

The End is Near for Windows 7: Start Planning For Windows 10 Now

Protect Your Investment & Stay Productive With Proactive Network Management

IT Security and GDPR: What to Do Next

How Small Businesses Can Protect Against the Growing Ransomware Threats

3 Ways to Ensure a Smooth Office 365 Email Migration

Multi-Factor Authentication: What Is It & Can Small Businesses Use It?

3 Ways Managed IT Services Providers Help IT Departments Be More Effective

What Is Business Intelligence (BI) for Small Business?

3 Most Popular Ways Hackers Scam Small Businesses

How Do You Know What You Don’t Know?

Top 6 Cyber Security Basics for Small Businesses

Advantages of Solid-State Drives (SSD) vs. Regular Hard Drives (HDD)

3 Realities When Transitioning to a New Work Computer

Most Common Office 365 Products: What’s Included & What Are the Benefits?

2 Most Critical Parts of Your Disaster Recovery Plan

Office 365 Hosted Exchange vs On-Premise Exchange: Best Business Email

Top 3 IT Budgeting Mistakes Made By Small Businesses

Social Networking Safety Tips - The IT Help Desk

Data Backup and Data Storage Options for Small Businesses - IT Untangled

A Month of Security and Compliance Inquiries

3 Commonly Overlooked Realities of Moving to the Cloud

Free and Low Cost Microsoft Office Training Options

When Should I Upgrade Old or Aging Hardware? - Ask an IT Guy

Why Is My Network So Slow? Network Visibility Might Be the Answer