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The most educational business technology blog for Southern California executives, featuring insider tips, articles, and videos on how to get the best IT results.

Accent Computer Solutions Recognized for Cyber Security Expertise

Technology Planning To Meet Your 2019 Business Goals

Learn how to develop an IT strategy book chapter

Do IT Right: It's Not About The Computers

Optimize your business's IT function, understand proper - and cost effective - IT staffing, and learn from the mistakes others have made.

The Difference Between Noisy and Quiet IT

6 Reasons to Get Excited About Upgrading to Windows 10

Looking For a Managed IT Services Price List?

Video Tip: 3 Tips To Secure Your Mobile Devices

Tech Alert: Is the Cloud More Secure Than the Server in My Office?

IT Is Not What IT Seems

Compliance Isn't Enough for Healthcare Organizations

5 Ways Executives Stumble Over Cyber Security

Cyber Security in Your Business Strategy is Like a Fitness Plan

5 Questions to Ask Yourself if You Don’t Think Cyber Security is an Executive Problem

Cyber Risk is Business Risk

How to Make Sure Your Emails Get Delivered, Not Blacklisted

What IT Needs Most in This Super Complex Technological World: Communication

The End is Near for Windows 7: Start Planning For Windows 10 Now

Protect Your Investment & Stay Productive With Proactive Network Management

Email Safety Best Practices: How to Stay Safe From Email Scams

IT Security and GDPR: What to Do Next

How Small Businesses Can Protect Against the Growing Ransomware Threats

Your IT Support Provider's Role in Regulatory Compliance

3 Ways to Ensure a Smooth Office 365 Email Migration

Multi-Factor Authentication: What Is It & Can Small Businesses Use It?

3 Ways Managed IT Services Providers Help IT Departments Be More Effective

What Is Business Intelligence (BI) for Small Business?

3 Most Popular Ways Hackers Scam Small Businesses

How Do You Know What You Don’t Know?

Top 6 Cyber Security Basics for Small Businesses

Advantages of Solid-State Drives (SSD) vs. Regular Hard Drives (HDD)

3 Realities When Transitioning to a New Work Computer

Most Common Office 365 Products: What’s Included & What Are the Benefits?

2 Most Critical Parts of Your Disaster Recovery Plan

Office 365 Hosted Exchange vs On-Premise Exchange: Best Business Email

Top 3 IT Budgeting Mistakes Made By Small Businesses

Social Networking Safety Tips - The IT Help Desk

Data Backup and Data Storage Options for Small Businesses - IT Untangled

A Month of Security and Compliance Inquiries

How Do I Secure My Network for Remote Users? - Ask an IT Guy

3 Commonly Overlooked Realities of Moving to the Cloud

Free and Low Cost Microsoft Office Training Options

When Should I Upgrade Old or Aging Hardware? - Ask an IT Guy

Why Is My Network So Slow? Network Visibility Might Be the Answer

Business File Backup Options: How Long Will It Take to Get My Data Back?

Cyber Security & Risk Management Techniques for Small Business Managers

5 Password Policy Guidelines for Small to Mid-Size Businesses

How IT Helps Hit Strategic Business Goals

IT Untangled: 3 Questions to Ask for Faster (and Safer) Office WiFi

Local Business Leaders' Predictions Focus on Technology and Customer Experience

How Do We Get to Strategic IT?

Getting an IT Support Quote: What Does An IT Outsourcing Quote Involve?

How Are Most Companies Handling IT Support?

Benefits and Advantages of IT Outsourcing: Why Would A Business Outsource Their IT Support?

2018 Southern California Managed IT Services Cost & Pricing Guide: How Much Does Managed IT Services Cost?

What Does the IT Department Do? 7 Metrics Executives Should Watch

What We Know Now About Meltdown & Spectre

Easy Ways to Make Remote Employees Feel Close and Connected

2018 Planning for Opportunity

Best IT Support Companies in California for Financial Services Firms

A Holiday Video Message from Accent Computer Solutions!

Microsoft Office 2016 vs. Office 365 vs. Microsoft 365 vs. Office Online

'Tis the Season for Getting ‘Unstuck’

What to Do When Your IT Manager Retires

Listen. Ask. Listen. Recommend.

Note-Taking Apps: Comparing Evernote, OneNote, and Apple Notes

Ask an IT Guy: Why Does My Business Have So Many Email Issues?

Tech Trends: Google Pixel Buds, A Cost-Effective Translator for Small Businesses?

IT Untangled: 3 Ways to Maximize Remote Employee Performance

Tech Alert: 5 Critical Steps for CEOs When Moving to the Cloud

What’s a Technology Roadmap or Strategic Technology Plan?

Creating and Maintaining a Positive Company Culture

IT Untangled: Do Water Districts Need Different IT Support?

8 Best Value Computers & Laptops for Small Business 2017

IT Untangled: What's Network Support and Why Does My Business Need It?

Tech Alert: 5 IT Services Your Company Can’t Live Without

Tech Minute: The State of Cyber Security – Ransomware

Tech Alert: 5 Ways Outsourcing IT Leads to Faster Business Growth

Ask an IT Guy: How Do IT Support Companies Know My Business Needs?

How to Transform the IT Department from Stalled to Smooth Sailing

IT Untangled: Office 365 Password Troubleshooting - I Forgot My Password

Accent Computer Solutions Joins ShoreTel Champion Partner Program

7 Information Technology (IT) Buzzwords Decoded

Tech Alert: 3 Outsourced IT Services Your Company Needs Today!

Tech Trends: Does My Small Business Need Artificial Intelligence?

IT Untangled: What Do IT Managers Do?

Is IT Support Supposed to Be Frustrating?

Business Email: Microsoft’s Office 365 vs Google’s G Suite

Tech Alert: Is Public WiFi Safe for Work Computers?

Ask an IT Guy: How Can I Easily Change My Business Domain Name?

Top 10 Tips to Select the Best IT Support Company

IT Untangled: What Is Hybrid IT?

Tech Alert: Antivirus Best Practices

Tech Minute: Should Small Businesses Accept Bitcoin?

Behind the Scenes: Creating Jobs in Today’s Economy

IT Untangled: Does the Cloud Lower IT Support Costs?

Tech Alert: 4 Forgotten Ways to Fix a Slow Running PC

IT Untangled: IT and Manufacturing -- The Big Picture

7 Most Common Misconceptions About IT Outsourcing

Ask an IT Guy: How Long Does It Take to Restore From a Cloud Backup?

Tech Alert: Giving Network Access to a Vendor and How to Handle It

IT Untangled: How to Onboard New Hires with Technology [Free Checklist]

Tech Trends: New Intel Processors Only Support Microsoft’s Windows 10

Can IT Support Contract Costs Be Reduced?

Why Do We Put Off Decisions?

Tech Alert: Does Antivirus Pickup on "Time Bombs” ?

Ask an IT Guy: How to Choose the Best WiFi System for Small Businesses

IT Untangled: Why Is My Internet So Slow? How to Fix Internet Issues

Tech Alert: How to Estimate IT Maintenance Costs

Tech Minute: How Productive is Working from Home?

IT Untangled: Anti-Virus vs. Anti-Malware - What’s the Difference?

Tech Alert: What's the Difference? Malware Adware Ransomware & Spyware

IT Untangled: 3 Most Common IT Support Needs for Financial Companies

Ask an IT Guy: Is Guest WiFi Safe for Your Network?

How to Keep Amazon Prime Day From Slowing Down Your Business

IT Untangled: Can I Use Dropbox as my Business Backup?

Should Business Owners Phish Their Employees?

Tech Trends: Google Drive Can Backup Your Whole Computer - Should You?

Tech Alert: How to Plan a Successful Corporate IT Support Transition

Is Your Business's Information Technology Strategic?

IT Untangled: The Best Options for Small Business Email Services

Tech Alert: Dell vs HP Servers: Which Brand is Best?

Ask an IT Guy: Do Small Businesses Need a Firewall?

Accent Computer Solutions Ranked Top IT Company in Inland Empire

The Best Way to Stop Employees from Clicking on Phishing Scams [Case Study]

Tech Alert: How to Get Faster Computer Help When You’re Having Problems

Ask an IT Guy: I Have the Best Business Antivirus – I’m Secure, Right?

Accent Computer Solutions Named a Top IT Support Provider to Financial Services Companies

Tech Alert: Top 5 Types of Email Scams Employees Keep Falling For

Tech Trends: How to Avoid the Growing Number of Email Scams

How to Defend Against the Next WannaCry Ransomware Attack

Tech Alert: DocuSign Data Breach – Email Hacking Campaign

IT Untangled: What Do Hackers Want With My Business Data?

Ask an IT Guy: How to Create a Business Disaster Recovery Plan

7 Signs That Something in Your Business May Need a Change

Tech Alert: How Small Businesses Can Test Their Firewall

Tech Alert: There’s No Such Thing as a Simple IT Scenario

Tech Minute: The Wi-Fi Pineapple and Small Business

IT Untangled: What Does HVAC Have to Do With IT?

Ask an IT Guy: What is Failover?

IT Untangled: How Much Does a Server Upgrade Cost?

Tech Alert: 3 Mistakes That Kill the Lifespan of Your Computer

Tech Trends: Everything-as-a-Service (XaaS)

Tech Alert: What is a Hacker?

How Technology Improvements Can Fuel Sales Growth

Ask an IT Guy: What Are Image-Based Backups?

IT Untangled: Time Audit - How Long Should IT Services Take?

Tech Alert: 3 Commonly Overlooked Issues With the Cloud

Tech Minute: The Deep Web's Effect on Small Business

IT Untangled: Common Outsourced IT Contracts Decoded

Tech Alert: HELP! I Hired the Wrong IT Company

Ask an IT Guy: Does Hardware Need IT Support AND Manufacturer Support?

Follow the Plan - Give It Your Best

IT Untangled: A Small Business's Guide to Outsourced IT Support

Tech Alert: Are Outsourced IT Services Safe?

Tech Trends: Popular Collaboration Tools for Small Business

IT Untangled: How Great IT Services Help Employee Retention

4 Technology Tips to Prevent Fraud and Embezzlement in Small Businesses

Tech Alert: Data Migration - Avoid These Problems

IT Untangled: Improve Your Sales Process With Technology

Tech Alert: Crash Support - What's Your Disaster Recovery Plan?

Ask an IT Guy: How to Review Your Phone and Internet Service Contract

IT Untangled: Upgrading Your Network with an Outsourced IT Company

Where Are My Files? A Small Business Executive's Concerns About Cloud Storage

Tech Alert: Phishing Scams -- Can They Be Avoided?

Tech Minute: The End of Exchange Server 2007 Support

Ask an IT Guy: Which Internet Service Is Best for My Business?

IT Untangled: 1 in 5 Businesses Are Affected By Hackers, Are You Next?

5 Steps to Create and Execute a Business Technology Plan

Tech Alert: Macs and Malware, Crypto Ransomware Is on Your Tracks

Tech Trends: The Cloud – The New Norm For Businesses?

IT Untangled: What is Managed IT Services, or Outsourced IT Services?

Is March Madness Slowing Your Business Down?

5 Common Businesses Mistakes That Increase IT Costs

Tech Alert: Are You Making These BIG IT Security Mistakes?

Tech Alert: Cyber Attacks On The Rise

IT Untangled: Does Your Work Phone Need Antivirus?

Ask an IT Guy: Should I Replace My Server?

Inland Empire IT Support Company Recognized for Excellence in Managed IT Services

IT Untangled: How to Find the Right Business IT Support

IT is a Process

Warning: 3 Signs That Outsourcing IT Support is a MUST

IT Basics for CEOs: Who What When Where & Why

Look Out for Tax Time IT Security Risks & Common Scams

Communication is King

Slow Internet Causing Problems For Your Business?

Local IT Support Company Earns Top Microsoft Partner Recognition

How To Create And Prioritize Your 2017 Business Plan

Year-End Information Technology Cost Savings Opportunities for Small Businesses

Local IT Support Company Wins A 2016 Top Workplace Award

How One Nagging Thing Becomes A 2017 Business Planning Trick

What To Do When Your Email Has Been Hacked

Watching "Discipline Equals Freedom" Come To Life

Leading With Extreme Ownership: What A Difference It Makes

3 Tips To Reduce The Amount Of Spam That Makes It To Your Inbox

What To Do When The Cloud Goes Down

Ironman Challenges and Lessons Learned

The Pros and Cons of Outsourcing IT Services

3 Major Mistakes Businesses Keep Making With Their IT Strategy

Is Your IT Strategy Insane?

Social Engineering & IT Security: What Businesses Need To Know

Keys to "Moving the Needle" and Hitting Company Goals

Accent Computer Solutions, Inc. Ranked Top Managed IT Services Company in Inland Empire

Calculating the True Cost of Your Information Technology

Is Your IT Department Destined For Failure?

Dreaming Of IT That "Just Works"

Beware of "Linkedin Helpdesk" Emails

A Small Investment to Keep Your Employees Productive

Top 4 Ways Hackers Infiltrate Your Business Network

How Expectations vs. Possibilities Affects IT Support Results

Real Business Fraud Risks That Are Totally Preventable

How IT Strategy Impacts Company Success and Growth

Didn't Know Better IT Support Results Were Even Possible

Accent Acquires Palm Desert IT Service Business, Computer Gallery

Pioneer Browser Is On The Way Out

What's Your Word For 2016?

Accent Computer Solutions, Inc. Named a 2015 Top Workplace

4 Ways To Reduce IT Costs Right Now

"Marty Kaufman, you are an Ironman!"

Clearing the Fog

Video Tip: 3 Tips on Email Etiquette

5 Things To Consider Before Bringing Tablets Into Your Business

Types of Outsourced IT Support Services: Which Model is Best for Your Business?

3 Things to Consider When Planning a Cloud Migration

Understanding Small Business Information Technology Management

What Exactly is IT Support?

Video Tip: What To Do BEFORE You Upgrade To Windows 10

End of Windows Server 2003 and Release of Windows 10

IT Planning For Business Success

Video Tip: Want To Reduce The Amount Of Spam You Get?

Recent Microsoft Update Causing Emails to Go Straight to Junk Mail Folder

Photos from our Toshiba Lunch & Learn

Technology Problems and Roadblocks That Prevent Small Business Growth

Millennials in the Workforce Have Different Expectations

Accent Computer Solutions, Inc. Named #1 Managed IT Services Provider

7 Most Common Technology Problems for Small Businesses

"Vivid Vision" - Note From The President - March 2015

How Technology Impacts Employee Retention

Busy Busy Busy - Note From The President - February 2015

Accent Computer Solutions, Inc. Recognized for Innovative Approach to Delivery of Managed IT Services

5 Remarkably Simple IT Security Tips

3 Lessons You’d Rather Not Learn The Hard Way

Make It A Great 2015 - Note From The President - December 2014

Top Six Business Technology Problems to Solve This Year

Ironman Planning for a Fantastic Finish - Note from the President - Nov. 2014

The Problem With Online File Storage Services Like Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive

Taking Bites Out Of Apple - Note From The President - October 2014

TECH GIRL: Change is on the horizon

September 2014 has been a roller coaster - Note from the President

Using Microsoft Outlook Rules to Increase Productivity

TECH GIRL: Beware of E-ZPass phishing scam

Easy Ways Small Businesses Can Reduce Data Costs and Risks

The Cloud Is Here to Stay...But so Is IT Support

Great Experience Participating in #SolarSocial

Missed Goals and Personal Victories - Note From The President - June 2014

Take a Step Back and Create Your IT Plan For The Future

IT's Complicated - Note From The President - May 2014

Lock Your Doors! - Note From The President - April 2014

The IT Hot Potato - Note from the President - March 2014

How to Pick a New Business Phone System

Time Almost Up For XP

Getting Better Results From IT

Accent Recognized for Forward-Thinking Approach to Meeting the Needs of Today's Businesses

How a Proactive Approach to Small Business IT Management Delivers the Best Results

7 Ways to Minimize Unexpected IT Costs and Expenses

It's Way More Difficult...But That's What It Takes - Note From The President - December 2013

Accent Recognized as Region's Highest-Growth Managed IT Service Provider in 2013

Goal Setting, Planning, Discipline, and Inspirational Events

Getting Great IT Support Results "Takes A Village"

Don’t Embrace Every Trend

5 Common Reasons Why IT Projects Fail

My New Confidence-Inspiring Phrase: We Got This!

Blast Off! - Business Process Lessons Learned From Vacation

Planning For Data Disasters Of All Sizes

Accent Now an Enterprise Partner in the VMware Partner Network

Choosing the Right IT Provider - 8 Questions to Ask

Nasty Email and Thumb Drive Virus Contained by the Superheroes

Accent Computer Solutions Named One of the Top-Performing SMB Channel Partners in the U.S.

Types of Data Backups & Ways to Keep Your Data Safe

Password Best Practices

The Difference Between Data Backup, Disaster Recovery, and Business Continuity

Don't Let The Olympics Affect Your Office's Productivity

The NFL Draft and IT Management

Google, Microsoft, or Apple: Which Cloud is Right for You?

Determining the Real Cost of IT Purchases

Beware of Tax Season Scams

Ultrabook May Be the Best of Both Worlds

Client Spotlight: Price Manufacturing Company

Business Technology Resolutions for 2012

Accent Computer Solutions Collects Gifts for Local Children’s Foundation

Ontario Reign hires Accent Computer Solutions

How to Save Money on Your IT Investments

Client Spotlight: Pacific Forge

Client Spotlight: Trinity Youth Services

Words to Wise on Web Design

How to Handle Social Media in the Business Environment

IT Security Step to Keep Out Snooping Employees

Client Spotlight: West End Family Couseling Services

Navigating the Cloud Executive Lunch and Learn

Client Spotlight: ABC School Equipment

Client Spotlight: Pathway Church

Client Spotlight: Robert Cardoza & Associates LLC

Be Our Client of the Month and Win a $100 American Express Gift Card!

What Does Your Apple iPhone or iPad Know About You And How Worried Should You Be?

I.T Services Grow During Hard Times

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Accent Computer Solutions Has Been Approved by the California Health Information Partnership and Services Organization

What Is Cloud Computing and How Can Businesses Use It to Their Advantage?

Accent Computer Solutions Has Been Accepted into Microsoft's Exclusive US Cloud Champions Club and VAR Champions Club

Series7Racing.com Riders Finish 1st and 2nd in AMA District 37 Grand Prix

Win a 50" Plasma TV - Accent Computer Solutions Referral Contest

What Our Clients Say About Us: Hicks & Williams Testimonial For Accent Computer Solutions

Microsoft's Support for Windows 2000 Ends Today!

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