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Communication is King


Have you ever taken time off from work to wait for an installer or repairman? Ever been disappointed because your appointment time came and went without someone showing up, and you didn’t get so much as a phone call?

No matter who lets you down, the pain of this situation can always be eased with a little bit of good communication. Everyone likes to be in the loop with their particular order or project, especially BEFORE a deadline is missed.

I think we all understand that, in service professions, problems come up and the repair time doesn't always follow a normal schedule. It’s hard to estimate how long a morning install or appointment will take. But if the schedule needs to change, a call would be nice.

In our lives and business, communication is critical and very personal. We've all heard the saying: “Bad news is better than no news at all.” It's true. Being informed is WAY better than being in the dark on status or schedule.

Last month, my leadership team spent a half-day together brainstorming how we can provide better service to our clients. Communication turned out to be one of the very most important issues with all our team members. We gathered up a ton of ideas that we could improve upon and take action quickly. 

Working on communication skills and processes will pay off big time in customer and employee satisfaction.

Let’s make the customers AND the employees happy!