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Cyber Times Are Changing: How to Protect Your Small Business from Growing Cyber Security Threats Blog Feature
Marty Kaufman

By: Marty Kaufman on June 27th, 2019

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Cyber Times Are Changing: How to Protect Your Small Business from Growing Cyber Security Threats

Executive Insights | Cyber Security | Managed IT Services

Not a day goes by in the IT world without talking about cyber security. IT professionals are constantly discussing protection methods, access controls, new and existing threats, and ways to reduce risk.

To most people who use technology, security measures just get in the way of being able to use or access whatever you’re trying to access. Things like complex passwords, password expirations, and multi-factor authentication are complex ideas that frustrate and confuse people who are just trying to log in to a website or system.

In fact, a significant percentage of support calls to manufacturers are related to passwords and system access. Yep, security is a nuisance that gets in the way, and we don’t like to be bothered with it.

Nevertheless, cyber security and IT security are crucial.

Lock the Doors: Cyber Security Basics for Small Businesses

Too many individuals and corporations aren’t focused on even the basics of security. Basic security starts with simple things like anti-virus, spam filtering, and malware protection on desktops, laptops, and mobile devices.

It seems like at this stage in our cyber evolution, this basic protection would be routine but it is often overlooked or dismissed.

Basic IT security is like locking the doors to your house when you leave. We know that a good thief has the skills to break in whether it’s locked or not. Yet, we do the minimum and lock it anyway because an unlocked door is an open invitation to the most novice criminal.

However, locking the doors is just the beginning.

Taking a Proactive Approach to Cyber Security Keeps You in the Game

Good IT firms provide more than just locked doors – they have actual security departments working hard in the background. They’re actively looking out for hack attempts and stopping them if possible.

IT security can’t be ignored or dismissed. I guarantee the future of IT is more security focused.

The threats to your devices and information are real, and protection requirements are becoming mandatory. If your organization supplies the government, is in the aerospace or healthcare industry, takes credit cards, or holds personal information, you are already required to implement advanced security measures.

Soon, all businesses will have to implement specific security-related requirements just to be in the game.

Are You Really Secure or Are You Just Locking the Doors?

Some of our clients have engaged us to be super proactive against threats and we have implemented advanced security practices where they are necessary. These companies see the value in active security protections and want to go beyond just locking the doors.

I advise all business leaders to have a heart-to-heart with their IT provider. Get specific about how they’re protecting you and your business.

Until then, make sure you lock your doors and windows. Don’t wait until you’ve already been compromised.


About Marty Kaufman

Marty Kaufman is Founder and President of Accent Computer Solutions, Inc., a Southern California-based innovator in IT thinking. He got his start in the world of Big Data as Manager of Information Systems for General Dynamics. He earned his B.S. degree in Computer Information Systems from California Polytechnic University, Pomona in 1985 and started Accent Computer Solutions as a consulting firm in 1987. He has spent his entire career researching and implementing Information Technology strategies and processes to help his clients reduce the cost and risk of IT.

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