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Is IT Support Supposed to Be Frustrating? Blog Feature
Marty Kaufman

By: Marty Kaufman on August 30th, 2017

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Is IT Support Supposed to Be Frustrating?

Executive Insights

Over the past four weeks, I've met with lots of business executives -- spending hours discussing things from information technology (IT) to taxes, and everything in between.

Turns out, business people are just about as frustrated with IT support as they are with taxes!

Their Biggest Frustration: What's Covered in An "All Inclusive" IT Support Agreement?

This is a big issue. A lot of businesses have an "All In" agreement with their IT provider. But every month, they're seeing extra charges on their bill, leaving them to wonder, "What's provided in the monthly fee if these other charges aren't included?"

The Second Point of Contention: Speed

When something is wrong, they want help fast. But it seems like the time between the call placed to the provider, to the time the issue is resolved is too long. People are frustrated with calling in to be placed on hold. To then not get a call back. Their IT support process overall is not user-friendly and taking too long.

The Third Frustration: Price of Monthly IT Support Agreements

An interesting phenomenon here is that price is not the first priority. Business leaders and managers usually mention their disappointment with service, WAY before their per month cost. This seems to imply that if the services were what they expected, they would not mind the price. But when expectations aren’t being met, then the price becomes really important!

We all know that information technology (IT) is something businesses, and the general population, can no longer live without. People and businesses can never go back to the old ways of using paper and not being able to communicate in a flash.

But do we have to be held back by frustration, speed, and price?

I don't think so. A frustration-free IT experience is possible and within reach. 

At Accent, we’ve been working on these specific areas diligently for a very long time. We’re definitely not perfect -- everyone can improve. But we are, and will continue to, make great strides for the benefit of our clients and our employees!

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About Marty Kaufman

Marty Kaufman is Founder and President of Accent Computer Solutions, Inc., a Southern California-based innovator in IT thinking. He got his start in the world of Big Data as Manager of Information Systems for General Dynamics. He earned his B.S. degree in Computer Information Systems from California Polytechnic University, Pomona in 1985 and started Accent Computer Solutions as a consulting firm in 1987. He has spent his entire career researching and implementing Information Technology strategies and processes to help his clients reduce the cost and risk of IT.

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