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How to Transform the IT Department from Stalled to Smooth Sailing

“I just don’t feel like we’re moving forward,” is a phrase I hear from business executives a lot. When they’re talking about their company’s information technology (IT), that’s a bad sign. They know that it’s important to their future success, but they feel stuck – like there isn’t a lot of progress happening.

Management of your IT department might be unintentionally holding your company back.

Here’s why.

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IT Untangled: Office 365 Password Troubleshooting - I Forgot My Password

We’ve all been there! You’ve tried every username and password combination you can think of and yet you still can’t reset your Office 365 account. It’s beyond frustrating, and of course there’s that slight feeling of foolishness -- Did I really forget this, REALLY?!?!

But have no fear, our help desk engineers, here at Accent Computer Solutions, Inc. happily tackle problems like this daily. And together with them, we've created this step-by-step guide to help you regain access to your account.

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Accent Computer Solutions Joins ShoreTel Champion Partner Program

Local IT Firm Enhances Cloud Phone System Capabilities

RANCHO CUCAMONGA, CA (Sept 6, 2017) -- Accent Computer Solutions, Inc., a leading Southern California information technology (IT) consulting and cloud services provider, announced today that it will begin selling and delivering ShoreTel unified communications (UC) solutions as a Champion Partner.
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7 Information Technology (IT) Buzzwords Decoded

It's pretty easy to fall behind in tech lingo. It's moving at the speed of light, or is it sound? Either way, to catch you up, we’ve created a cheat sheet. Next time you overhear your kids, or even the IT department at work, speaking in tech, feel free to jump in! Chances are you already know what these things are, just not their proper name. And even if you didn’t know, you will now, and your secret is safe with me.

Let’s jump in. Here are 7 information technology buzzwords decoded.

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Tech Alert: 3 Outsourced IT Services Your Company Needs Today!

The "Tech Age," has been upon us for quite some time. Most of us feel pretty comfortable with the everyday task of operating our smartphones and tablets, but business technology is a whole other obstacle.

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Tech Trends: Does My Small Business Need Artificial Intelligence?

Most of us thought we’d be buzzing round like the Jetsons in the early 2000's. Life, as we know it today, isn’t flying cars and robot maids, or at least yet. But we have made huge jumps into the realm of artificial intelligence (AI).

The question begs an answer, what does this mean for small business?  I know AI seems intimidating and complicated, but unknowingly, you're probably already using it.

Let's examine how you likely use AI, and how your small business might use it in the future.

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IT Untangled: What Do IT Managers Do?

We all know what doctors do, right? If you don’t feel well, you make an appointment, and they help you figure out what’s wrong. What an IT Manager does seems vague to business owners for two reasons. One, it’s a lot of behind the scenes work. And two, they don’t know how to measure performance, so the IT Manager keeps “doing what he does.”

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Is IT Support Supposed to Be Frustrating?

Over the past four weeks, I've met with lots of business executives -- spending hours discussing things from information technology (IT) to taxes, and everything in between.

Turns out, business people are just about as frustrated with IT support as they are with taxes!

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Business Email: Microsoft’s Office 365 vs Google’s G Suite

Brand loyalty plays a huge part in how we spend our money. And while there are a lot of top software brands, Microsoft and Google tend to be top of mind. This is expressly accurate when considering business email options.

But how do you pick one when they both offer such similar functionality? Especially now that they both have such strong Cloud presence.

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Tech Alert: Is Public WiFi Safe for Work Computers?

We are always on the go, and to support our need for speed habit, coffee shops, hotels, and even gas stations now have WiFi.

Unfortunately, that airport WiFi isn't nearly as secure as you'd like to think it is. I know what you're thinking. But I use passwords. And passwords, while a great first step, don't change the fact that you are sharing a network with A LOT of people.

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