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Tech Trends: New Intel Processors Only Support Microsoft’s Windows 10

The world runs on Intel, or so the slogan says – but soon your business might not run well (or at all) if you’re relying on older operating systems.

With the announcement of Intel’s 7th generation Core processor, the Kaby Lake series, comes lot of excitement and a lot of questions.

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Can IT Support Contract Costs Be Reduced?

Every business wants to reduce its costs. Over the years, I’ve talked to hundreds of Southern California business executives and many of them are concerned about what they’re paying for IT Support Agreements.

The conversation goes in one of two directions: either their provider is doing a good job, so they feel like it must be easy, or they aren’t doing a good job and the executive feels like they’re paying a lot for little gain.

If you’re happy with your current IT services vendor but it seems like your costs are going up, it’s natural to evaluate where your money is going, and to look for ways to bring expenses down.

Is there a way to reduce IT support contract, or IT services agreement, costs? Here are a few things to dig into to answer that question.

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Why Do We Put Off Decisions?

It’s a fact of life: we put off making decisions. Some of us are more decisive than others, but the fact remains, we all procrastinate from time-to-time.

Whether it’s in business or in our personal lives, we all do it. But why?

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Tech Alert: Does Antivirus Pickup on "Time Bombs” ?

In today’s tech-savvy world, antivirus is a must. Thankfully you have antivirus, and you’re rocking along. (You do have antivirus, right?) The IT world is full of hackers doing everything in their power to get around every type of defense. Honestly, at this point, it seems like there’s a “new major threat" every week, who can keep up?

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Ask an IT Guy: How to Choose the Best WiFi System for Small Businesses

When your WiFi is down, or not working at full gusto, it’s like being stuck in quicksand. And what’s worse is that your system’s issues might be partially your fault. (I know, insert shock faced emoji here).

But listen, I get it. There are seemingly MILLIONS of options when it comes to WiFi systems for your building, so how do you choose?

Jonathan Barger, CIO (Chief Information Officer) at Accent Computer Solutions, Inc., gave us some guidance on getting the right WiFi system in place, and how it can not only change your experience, but can also outperform “alternative” options.

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IT Untangled: Why Is My Internet So Slow? How to Fix Internet Issues

A common, but historically troublesome problem, in the world of small to mid-size business is internet speed.  Network performance can be a pain because it usually has more than one point of failure, and isolating the issue(s) can take some time.

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Tech Alert: How to Estimate IT Maintenance Costs

The discussion of IT maintenance cost is a big one in the IT world. Marty Kaufman, President and owner of Accent Computer Solutions, Inc., travels all over Southern California consulting with executives about IT and IT Department performance.   

Marty is very familiar with the frustrations of investing large sums of money into IT, and the woes of not getting the kinds of results that were expected. To combat this feeling of loss, Marty helps CFOs understand the different types of IT costs. He categorizes the costs accordingly and helps them figure out what their IT maintenance costs should be.

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Tech Minute: How Productive is Working from Home?

Working from home, or working remotely, is trending up. And while many people love it, there is still a large number that turn their nose up at it. So, what’s the truth behind it?

There have been several studies on the pros and cons of working remote.  At Accent Computer Solutions, Inc., we have the whole range of work arrangements. From traditional in-office employees, to people who split their time between the office and working at home, and several employees who work from home. So, over the last five years, we’ve seen results firsthand.

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IT Untangled: Anti-Virus vs. Anti-Malware - What’s the Difference?

Bad stuff floating around the Internet has hit infamous levels. We at Accent Computer Solutions, Inc. are getting more and more questions about virus protections from business executives, with good reason.

Cyber security has become the million-dollar question. With cyber hacking success stories like WannaCry, which locked thousands of computers in more than 150 countries, becoming much more common, no wonder security is hot on everyone’s minds.  

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Tech Alert: What's the Difference? Malware Adware Ransomware & Spyware

A virus is a virus, right? Well, not exactly. And while anything that infects, disrupts or threatens your company is bad, knowing the differences can help keep you safe.

Each one of these intruders behaves differently, and your staff will need to be educated on their delivery and infection methods so they can avoid them.

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