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Ask an IT Guy: How Can I Easily Change My Business Domain Name?

Considering changing your company's domain name?  Unfortunately, this process is more involved than simply buying a new domain name from GoDaddy or Register.com.

After building your brand, plus all the little things that point to your company, like your email domain, changing it up can be a bit scary.

If you've reached a point where changing your domain name is the best option, don't worry; we've got it handled. At Accent Computer Solutions, Inc., we’ve led several companies through domain changes. It's not easy, but if it’s done the right way, it can be worth the name change.

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Top 10 Tips to Select the Best IT Support Company

You’re gearing up to pick the best outsourced IT company for your business, excited about the potential benefits!  But you aren’t 100% sure how to pick the best managed IT services provider. Or maybe you’ve narrowed it down, but now you’re stuck in a dead tie.

Accent Computer Solutions, Inc. has been helping companies develop their best IT strategy for over 30 years. A topic that frequently comes up is, “How can I compare IT support companies? What criteria should I evaluate?”  

Since we talk about it often, we’ve compiled a list to help narrow down your search for the right IT support!

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IT Untangled: What Is Hybrid IT?

To Cloud or not to Cloud, that is the question… Or it WAS the question. Hybrid IT is challenging this idea and it’s changing the conversation entirely.

Business executives come to us at Accent Computer Solutions, Inc. to help them figure out the best path for their IT environment. Deciding where your equipment should be and which services you should use are big decisions. There’s a delicate balance between needs and budget. The infrastructure also needs to be adaptable to the ever-changing needs of the marketplace. That’s where hybrid IT comes in handy for some businesses.

Let’s explore what hybrid IT is and how it’s working for some  businesses.

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Tech Alert: Antivirus Best Practices

You have antivirus, right? Of course you do! (I hope.) And while it in of itself is an excellent step, it’s not the end of the story. Having antivirus is only one step toward protecting your company.

Engineers at Accent Computer Solutions, Inc. work daily with small to mid-size business to ensure that their antivirus is doing not only what it should, but also that it is running correctly.

And while we are glad you have antivirus, let’s explore why simply having it is not enough, and how to make sure that the one you have is running on all cylinders.

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Tech Minute: Should Small Businesses Accept Bitcoin?

This thing called Bitcoin has been around since 2009. New tech, (think smartphones) can take off, but others like mini-disc players (remember those, me either) get lost in translation.

But what about something that is stuck in between? Familiar enough to know its name, but not famous enough to know what it is? That’s Bitcoin.

Many people are only familiar with it in the context of paying ransom. That’s how we at Accent Computer Solutions, Inc. see it used most frequently -- as a payout to hackers. But this up-and-coming digital currency is being used for much more. 

Let’s explore if Bitcoin is right for your small business.

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Behind the Scenes: Creating Jobs in Today’s Economy

Our country may be going through some interesting times, but the economy is doing well. And when the economy is strong, businesses seem to be more open to hiring.

That can put a company like ours in an interesting position. You see, Accent Computer Solutions is a provider of outsourced IT services. If a strong economy means companies are hiring again, you’d think that outsourcers would be in trouble.

Luckily, that’s not the case. Not only are we seeing job growth in our business, our clients are expanding as well.

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IT Untangled: Does the Cloud Lower IT Support Costs?

Everyone hates the “B” word – budget.  And while everyone budgets at some point in their life, an IT budget is a beast all its own.  

In any business, there is pressure to keep costs down in EVERY department, but because IT isn’t always tangible, there usually seems to be extra pressure on that budget. When posed with the question of conserving cost, does the Cloud actually lower IT costs? Is it really the money-saver it’s portrayed as?  

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Tech Alert: 4 Forgotten Ways to Fix a Slow Running PC

We all do it. Freak out when our computer is running slowly. Not only is it annoying, but it also holds us back from getting our work done.

With over 30 years of experience, we at Accent Computer Solutions, Inc. have fielded thousands of questions like, “Why is my computer so slow?” or “How can I make my computer faster?”. We’ve also defused a lot of “I’m going to throw this computer out of a window” situations.

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IT Untangled: IT and Manufacturing -- The Big Picture

Every industry has specialized information technology (IT) needs. And while some needs spill over into multiple industries, the relationship between manufacturing and IT is a special one.

The IT umbrella probably encompasses more than you realize. From accounting software to the assembly lines you use daily – IT is your biggest fan. And as technology and automation become a bigger part of the manufacturing process, the IT department becomes even more critical to keeping it all running.

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7 Most Common Misconceptions About IT Outsourcing

Sometimes outsourcing feels like one of those dating apps. Swipe left to avoid, swipe right to go on an awkward date – GASP! 

And we get it. There are a lot of preconceived notions about IT outsourcing – some fact and some fiction.  Being in the IT outsourcing business for the last 30 years, we’ve heard them all.

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