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Tech Minute: How Productive is Working from Home?

Working from home, or working remotely, is trending up. And while many people love it, there is still a large number that turn their nose up at it. So, what’s the truth behind it?

There have been several studies on the pros and cons of working remote.  At Accent Computer Solutions, Inc., we have the whole range of work arrangements. From traditional in-office employees, to people who split their time between the office and working at home, and several employees who work from home. So, over the last five years, we’ve seen results firsthand.

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IT Untangled: Anti-Virus vs. Anti-Malware - What’s the Difference?

Bad stuff floating around the Internet has hit infamous levels. We at Accent Computer Solutions, Inc. are getting more and more questions about virus protections from business executives, with good reason.

Cyber security has become the million-dollar question. With cyber hacking success stories like WannaCry, which locked thousands of computers in more than 150 countries, becoming much more common, no wonder security is hot on everyone’s minds.  

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Tech Alert: What's the Difference? Malware Adware Ransomware & Spyware

A virus is a virus, right? Well, not exactly. And while anything that infects, disrupts or threatens your company is bad, knowing the differences can help keep you safe.

Each one of these intruders behaves differently, and your staff will need to be educated on their delivery and infection methods so they can avoid them.

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IT Untangled: 3 Most Common IT Support Needs for Financial Companies

Technology has changed the way many industries run. The financial services industry is no exception.

With automation sweeping the industry, it’s no wonder that financial services companies are relying more on their IT systems than ever before.

They are technology-driven and highly-regulated, so they have specific needs when it comes to IT support services. While they have some of the same IT needs as other industries –  like fast help desk support, technology guidance, and proactive network maintenance – their added needs around security changes how they run.

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Ask an IT Guy: Is Guest WiFi Safe for Your Network?

Coffee has been bested by WiFi – the world officially runs on wireless internet access.

I don’t say this lightly, but the other day I noticed that a gas station offered free guest WiFi. And at that moment, I realized mobility is key to making your customers happy.

I’m willing to bet that you’d have to think hard about the last time you went somewhere that DIDN’T offer public WiFi.

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Tech Alert: Is the Cloud More Secure Than the Server in My Office?

The best, and arguably the worst, thing about the rapid growth of technology is options.

Long gone are the days where chocolate or vanilla were your only choices. In a post-Ben & Jerry’s world of Truffle Kerfuffle and Chubby Hubby, how are you supposed to know what to pick?

And maybe the million-plus specialty ice cream flavors out there isn't exactly the same. But it’s easy to feel as overwhelmed by specialty ice cream as when you’re evaluating your server options.

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How to Keep Amazon Prime Day From Slowing Down Your Business

It’s that time of year again – Amazon Prime Day. A one-day event filled with amazing deals for Amazon Prime members!

You have to hand it to Amazon, they know how to make their members excited. And they know how to keep their attention. On this day, new deals will be arriving throughout the day, so members are encouraged to set up alerts on their web browser and on their phone to take advantage these amazing deals. 

Sounds awesome, right? For Prime members, yeah! For business owners, not so much.

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IT Untangled: Can I Use Dropbox as my Business Backup?

Toy Story 2 was a major hit for Pixar Animation Studios. Woody and the gang were back in the mix solving life’s little adventures, but it was almost lost forever.

Pixar Studios suffered a now infamous data loss, the biggest data loss in the company’s history and it included a significant portion of Toy Story 2. How could this happen you ask? Because their out-of-date backup method failed them.

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Should Business Owners Phish Their Employees?

We’re living in a time where cybercrime and ransomware attacks are announced like the next big box office hit. They’re making an impact worldwide, and it’s causing many businesses to suffer downtime, loss of business, and increased costs to recover from attacks.

One of the most common types of scams affecting businesses is referred to as phishing. Phishing attacks are generally emails that entice users to perform an action, like clicking a link to an infected webpage, opening a malicious attachment, or even wiring money.

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Tech Trends: Google Drive Can Backup Your Whole Computer - Should You?

Google is always on the verge of something. When you think about it, they changed how we absorb information now that they’ve made “googling” a noun. The same goes for their hand in technology. From their Chromebook to the many phones that run on the Android platform, Google is a force.

In true Google fashion, they are revving up their already raved about Cloud-based file storage and sharing solution. Google Drive is launching a new Backup and Sync feature. Its goal is to not only backup files or pictures one at a time, but your entire computer seamlessly.

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