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Ask an IT Guy: How Long Does It Take to Restore From a Cloud Backup?

People have a lot of expectations when it comes to the Cloud. They’ve seen the commercials about how it can save all your data and you can get it back in an instant if you need it. But is that true?

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Ask an IT Guy: How to Choose the Best WiFi System for Small Businesses

When your WiFi is down, or not working at full gusto, it’s like being stuck in quicksand. And what’s worse is that your system’s issues might be partially your fault. (I know, insert shock faced emoji here).

But listen, I get it. There are seemingly MILLIONS of options when it comes to WiFi systems for your building, so how do you choose?

Jonathan Barger, CIO (Chief Information Officer) at Accent Computer Solutions, Inc., gave us some guidance on getting the right WiFi system in place, and how it can not only change your experience, but can also outperform “alternative” options.

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Ask an IT Guy: Is Guest WiFi Safe for Your Network?

Coffee has been bested by WiFi – the world officially runs on wireless internet access.

I don’t say this lightly, but the other day I noticed that a gas station offered free guest WiFi. And at that moment, I realized mobility is key to making your customers happy.

I’m willing to bet that you’d have to think hard about the last time you went somewhere that DIDN’T offer public WiFi.

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Ask an IT Guy: Do Small Businesses Need a Firewall?

Your first line of defense should always be the strongest. In a world where cybercrime has a “break in where you can” mentality, layered security is the only way to keep you safe.

The Great Wall of China's purpose was to defend against invaders. Your firewall protects you from the attacks of hackers. Think of it as your personal Great Wall.

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Ask an IT Guy: I Have the Best Business Antivirus – I’m Secure, Right?

With the number of security threats going around today, business executives have security on their minds.

While most don’t argue about the need for antivirus, (yes, I’m looking at you Mac users), does having the best business antivirus solution mean you’re protected from all IT security threats?

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Ask an IT Guy: How to Create a Business Disaster Recovery Plan

Whether you call it a plan, template, checklist or strategy, your  disaster recovery document(s) is your key to success when disaster strikes. 

And no, a disaster recovery plan is not the same as your backup – think of it as your backup’s bodyguard.

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Ask an IT Guy: What is Failover?

The saying goes “When you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”  The same is true in any small business scenario. Life happens, and it always happens fast. Your system could be at the mercy of natural disaster, viruses, or even a fire. That’s where failover comes into play.

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Ask an IT Guy: What Are Image-Based Backups?

In the good ol’ days, backing-up meant saving files on a disk or tapes. Could you imagine doing a terabyte of data manually?

Backup systems have advanced significantly, but their importance remains the same.

What backup do you currently use? How is the continuity of this approach?  Can you access it on demand?

If you can’t answer those questions, it’s time to check out image-based backups.

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Ask an IT Guy: Does Hardware Need IT Support AND Manufacturer Support?

It seems like everything is a gimmick these days. It’s easy to feel like everything has an add-on that’s just trying to skim another dollar off the top. But one place that deserves your hard-earned cash is the warranty, or manufacturer support for your hardware.

You’re probably thinking, “I’m already paying for the device and it comes with manufacturer support. Why would I still need IT support? Isn’t that the same thing? Can’t the manufacturer just make it work?”

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Ask an IT Guy: How to Review Your Phone and Internet Service Contract

Businesses have many phone and internet options. While variety may be the spice of life, it also makes it hard to decide between option A, and B, or maybe C. How do you choose? How do you know which one is really the best deal?

When looking for the most bang-for-your-buck, speed, reliability, customer service, contract terms, and of course, price all come into play. (If you don’t know how much bandwidth or internet speed you’ll need, check out this article. It’ll help you get to the bottom of what your business needs.)

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