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5 Steps to Create and Execute a Business Technology Plan

As an owner or business executive, have you ever contemplated your business objectives and come to realize that your technology is in the way of your plans?

Have you had a great idea about improving business operations or productivity and found out that you just don’t have the right computer systems, or that it will cost a ton of money to upgrade? Would you like to know what the new trends are and how they could benefit you?

Technology planning helps answer the above questions and many more that you may not think to ask. The primary goal of a technology plan is to support your business plan objectives and to keep productivity and compliance issues front and center.

Here are the five steps to creating and executing a successful strategic technology plan.

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Ask an IT Guy: Should I Replace My Server?

Replacing your server isn't a decision to take lightly. We get it - servers are expensive. The equipment is an investment on its own, and server migration projects can be quite hefty when you add in costs for data migration and installation.

But these pieces of equipment are the backbone of operations for many companies. If they aren't replaced before they fail, then you're looking at downtime and lost revenue. 

When you do choose to replace it, whether you choose a new physical or virtual server, you want to make the right decision for the future. 

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IT is a Process

This month, I’ve consulted with four different business executives in varying industries that all share the same frustration. They want better IT results, but after about 90 days of trying, they give up on the people and try something else.

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Warning: 3 Signs That Outsourcing IT Support is a MUST

Just like when you out grow your favorite pair of shoes as a child, you’ll reach a point in your company’s lifecycle where IT outsourcing becomes a must. Sometimes the tell-tale signs are hard to identify. But for companies with 30-500 employees, trust me, they’re there.

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Communication is King

Have you ever taken time off from work to wait for an installer or repairman? Ever been disappointed because your appointment time came and went without someone showing up, and you didn’t get so much as a phone call?

No matter who lets you down, the pain of this situation can always be eased with a little bit of good communication. Everyone likes to be in the loop with their particular order or project, especially BEFORE a deadline is missed.

I think we all understand that, in service professions, problems come up and the repair time doesn't always follow a normal schedule. It’s hard to estimate how long a morning install or appointment will take. But if the schedule needs to change, a call would be nice.

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How To Create And Prioritize Your 2017 Business Plan

Now's the time to kick 2017 business (and life) planning up a gear!

Some of the folks I've talked to already have the plan finished and they're ready to roll. Others haven't even started planning yet.

Not to worry! It's certainly not too late - and it's not as hard as it sometimes seems. 

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How One Nagging Thing Becomes A 2017 Business Planning Trick

Thanksgiving is the time of year I cherish most. I love spending time with family and friends, eating, watching football, playing with my grand kids, and just relaxing. It always feels like the calm before the storm of the Holiday Season. From here on, it's a sprint to the end of the year that will become a blur for most. 

Planning for the New Year is undoubtedly on the agenda for December.

If your 2017 planning juices need a jump start, I have a little trick that may help...

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Watching "Discipline Equals Freedom" Come To Life


Have you been surprised in the month of October? There sure is no shortage of things to be surprised about considering Halloween and our political climate!

But I was surprised this month in a very positive way.

You may recall last month when I discussed how my team has adopted the principles of Extreme Ownership from a book by Navy SEALs, Jocko Willink and Leif Babin.

The weekly and quarterly meetings have continued, and this month we embarked upon our 3rd Quarter Leadership Meeting. We had 13 people in the room and were ready to go.

One of the topics for discussion was: How can we do better at demonstrating Extreme Ownership to our fellow teammates?

I started us off with a few opening remarks and then we dove right in.

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Leading With Extreme Ownership: What A Difference It Makes

Earlier this year, my Vistage Group Chair, Don Pierro, introduced me to one of the best business books I’ve ever read.

The book is, Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy SEALs Lead and Win, by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin.

As I read through it, I was completely enthralled by the discipline, training, and results that the Navy SEALs are able to achieve while being involved in very real life-or-death situations. It occurred to me that our already darn-good organization might be way better if we applied the principles of Extreme Ownership to ourselves.

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Ironman Challenges and Lessons Learned

It’s amazing how sports and life events parallel business principles sometimes.

Two weeks ago, I completed my second IRONMAN Triathlon. It was held in the Laurentian Mountains at Mont-Tremblant Ski Resort in Quebec, Canada, which means I spent MANY hours training in the local California mountains trying to get ready for this extremely hilly course. I trained very hard and was as ready as I could be for the 140.6 mile course.

Well, I finished…but not without some issues that could have been avoided with a bit of planning and situational decision making.

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