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5 Steps to Create and Execute a Business Technology Plan

As an owner or business executive, have you ever contemplated your business objectives and come to realize that your technology is in the way of your plans?

Have you had a great idea about improving business operations or productivity and found out that you just don’t have the right computer systems, or that it will cost a ton of money to upgrade? Would you like to know what the new trends are and how they could benefit you?

Technology planning helps answer the above questions and many more that you may not think to ask. The primary goal of a technology plan is to support your business plan objectives and to keep productivity and compliance issues front and center.

Here are the five steps to creating and executing a successful strategic technology plan.

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Tech Trends: The Cloud – The New Norm For Businesses?

The Cloud is a huge part of business today. You’d be hard pressed to find a company, big or small, that doesn’t use some form of cloud computing.

In layman’s terms, “the Cloud” means that you’re accessing information by Internet connection. This usually means that your IT equipment or applications live in a data center instead of your office. The equipment is generally managed and maintained by a third-party.

What’s cool for businesses is the Cloud easily grows with your company. It can be a great choice for a lot of things.

Here are the trends we’re seeing.

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IT Untangled: What is Managed IT Services, or Outsourced IT Services?

The term “managed services” gets thrown around a lot these days. Many providers in varying industries – from HVAC to uniform services – have some sort of “managed” product. Not surprisingly, the IT industry has a managed service as well. This article helps define what managed IT services is. 

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Is March Madness Slowing Your Business Down?

It’s that time of year again – the annual NCAA Division 1 Men’s Basketball Championship known as March Madness began March 14, 2017. College basketball fans will be filling out their brackets, watching games online, researching their teams, tracking game updates, and much more.

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Ask an IT Guy: Should I Replace My Server?

Replacing your server isn't a decision to take lightly. We get it - servers are expensive. The equipment is an investment on its own, and server migration projects can be quite hefty when you add in costs for data migration and installation.

But these pieces of equipment are the backbone of operations for many companies. If they aren't replaced before they fail, then you're looking at downtime and lost revenue. 

When you do choose to replace it, whether you choose a new physical or virtual server, you want to make the right decision for the future. 

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Inland Empire IT Support Company Recognized for Excellence in Managed IT Services

Accent Computer Solutions, Inc., a leading information technology (IT) support and managed IT services provider in Southern California, today announced that it has been named to CRN's 2017 Managed Services Provider (MSP) 500 list.

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IT Untangled: How to Find the Right IT Support

If you’re like most business executives, IT is at the bottom of your to-do list. You don't start looking for alternatives until you are already frustrated. If you’re here, you’re probably at that point.

There’s no magic in IT – it’s all planning, process, and follow through. So why does it seem so hard to find a good IT company to support your business?

Not all outsourced IT management providers are created equal. Take your time doing research to understand your options. That's the best way to find the reliable, cost-effective, “it just works" support you want.

No magic – only solid game plans for your future.

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Warning: 3 Signs That Outsourcing IT Support is a MUST

Just like when you out grow your favorite pair of shoes as a child, you’ll reach a point in your company’s lifecycle where IT outsourcing becomes a must. Sometimes the tell-tale signs are hard to identify. But for companies with 30-500 employees, trust me, they’re there.

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IT Basics for CEOs: Who What When Where & Why

Whether it’s simply who to call for support, or as complex as how long it takes to get your files back in the event of a virus, knowing your own IT needs is CRUCIAL.

As the CEO, you’re not expected to get into every technical detail – that’s why you have an IT provider in the first place - but every CEO should know enough about IT to make solid IT decisions. You should know how to get the most out of your IT even though it is always evolving. With the help of a few general specifications in each category, you will be on your way to understanding IT.

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Slow Internet Causing Problems For Your Business?

Slow internet can be a big problem for many businesses, especially in those where operations are dependent on cloud technologies or hosted applications. Not only is it frustrating when things don’t run quickly, but it’s also a drain on employee productivity.

Your IT provider and internet service provider surely did their due diligence before recommending the amount of bandwidth that you’d need to run smoothly. They likely evaluated the number of regular users, how many devices that would be connecting, what kinds of applications your business uses, and many more items to determine the right amount of bandwidth for your operations. So why does it still run slowly?

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