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Business Email: Microsoft’s Office 365 vs Google’s G Suite

Brand loyalty plays a huge part in how we spend our money. And while there are a lot of top software brands, Microsoft and Google tend to be top of mind. This is expressly accurate when considering business email options.

But how do you pick one when they both offer such similar functionality? Especially now that they both have such strong Cloud presence.

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Ask an IT Guy: How Can I Easily Change My Business Domain Name?

Considering changing your company's domain name?  Unfortunately, this process is more involved than simply buying a new domain name from GoDaddy or Register.com.

After building your brand, plus all the little things that point to your company, like your email domain, changing it up can be a bit scary.

If you've reached a point where changing your domain name is the best option, don't worry; we've got it handled. At Accent Computer Solutions, Inc., we’ve led several companies through domain changes. It's not easy, but if it’s done the right way, it can be worth the name change.

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Top 10 Tips to Select the Best IT Support Company

You’re gearing up to pick the best outsourced IT company for your business, excited about the potential benefits!  But you aren’t 100% sure how to pick the best managed IT services provider. Or maybe you’ve narrowed it down, but now you’re stuck in a dead tie.

Accent Computer Solutions, Inc. has been helping companies develop their best IT strategy for over 30 years. A topic that frequently comes up is, “How can I compare IT support companies? What criteria should I evaluate?”  

Since we talk about it often, we’ve compiled a list to help narrow down your search for the right IT support!

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Tech Alert: Dell vs HP Servers: Which Brand is Best?

The epic battle of the brands is plagued with brand favoritism and personal feelings.

And yes, Dell and HP have risen to the top of the technology manufacturer food chain based on good reviews and quality product – but brand names are really nothing more than a sticker attached to a product.

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Tech Alert: How to Get Faster Computer Help When You’re Having Problems

There is nothing more frustrating than things not working as they should. When 90% of our lives are automated, even 5 minutes of struggle seems like an eternity.

Automation rules the world around us. How would youremember EVERY meeting if your calendar notifications stopped working? Or worse imagine that your email doesn’t automatically download new mail, and you have to manually refresh it. And while these things might seem tribal, a split second without email can lead to a full-blown panic.

When a problem arises, even something as simple as a password change, you want help quickly.

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Tech Alert: Are Outsourced IT Services Safe?

Outsourcing IT tasks has gained a lot of popularity for small-to-medium sized businesses in recent years. But how safe is it?

We are going to dedicate this Tech Alert piece to myth busting all the “unsafe” rumors you’ve heard and really give IT to you straight.

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Tech Alert: Are You Making These BIG IT Security Mistakes?

If you think cyber-attacks only happen to big businesses, think again. Over the past 5 years, the rate of attacks on small and midsized businesses has nearly doubled. Your IT is your foundation.  And the security of it is even more significant.

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Tech Alert: Cyber Attacks On The Rise

Hackers were real show-stoppers in 2016. Globally, data breaches and technology disruptions were sweeping everyone.

Today, cyber attackers use things outside of the normal social media and websites to hack you. They’re using things like artificial intelligence and smart infrastructure or devices. The Internet of Things (IoT), although amazing for advancements, also leaves us very vulnerable.

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3 Tips To Reduce The Amount Of Spam That Makes It To Your Inbox

According to Talos Security Intelligence and Research Group, a division of Cisco Systems, 86 percent of emails sent worldwide are unwelcome junk mail, or spam. Not only is spam annoying, it can also be dangerous if you or one of your employees accidentally succumb to one of their schemes.

With the prevalence of spam today, not only do you need the right technology in place to keep it under control, you also need to educate your users on how to reduce the amount of spam that you may unintentionally be inviting in.

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Pioneer Browser Is On The Way Out

It’s the end of an era – Microsoft is moving to retire Internet Explorer.

If you have purchased a Windows computer in the past 20 years, chances are that you have used Microsoft Internet Explorer, which is the browser that ships with Windows and is pre-installed. Some users will install an alternative browser, but many don’t have a need to venture from the default.

If you are one of millions of Internet Explorer users for your browser based tasks – from browsing Facebook and paying your bills, to accessing cloud-based business applications – a recent Microsoft change should be brought to your attention.

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