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Tech Trends: Does My Small Business Need Artificial Intelligence?

Most of us thought we’d be buzzing round like the Jetsons in the early 2000's. Life, as we know it today, isn’t flying cars and robot maids, or at least yet. But we have made huge jumps into the realm of artificial intelligence (AI).

The question begs an answer, what does this mean for small business?  I know AI seems intimidating and complicated, but unknowingly, you're probably already using it.

Let's examine how you likely use AI, and how your small business might use it in the future.

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Tech Trends: New Intel Processors Only Support Microsoft’s Windows 10

The world runs on Intel, or so the slogan says – but soon your business might not run well (or at all) if you’re relying on older operating systems.

With the announcement of Intel’s 7th generation Core processor, the Kaby Lake series, comes lot of excitement and a lot of questions.

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Tech Trends: Google Drive Can Backup Your Whole Computer - Should You?

Google is always on the verge of something. When you think about it, they changed how we absorb information now that they’ve made “googling” a noun. The same goes for their hand in technology. From their Chromebook to the many phones that run on the Android platform, Google is a force.

In true Google fashion, they are revving up their already raved about Cloud-based file storage and sharing solution. Google Drive is launching a new Backup and Sync feature. Its goal is to not only backup files or pictures one at a time, but your entire computer seamlessly.

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Tech Trends: How to Avoid the Growing Number of Email Scams

One thing is for sure in IT security: hackers aren’t reinventing the wheel, but they’re definitely giving it a new spin. Post WatchGuard Partner Summit, our team came back with some staggering stats. Did you know email scams make up around 60% of the phishing, ransomware, and malware infecting businesses today?

Hackers have become so good that they can trick even the most tech savvy computer user. There is little standing between your business’ system and a massive attack, so what can you do?

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Tech Trends: Everything-as-a-Service (XaaS)

Watch out one-time software purchases, you’re old news. While the now less-mysterious Cloud gains popularity in the business world, so does the booming “as-a-service” model. 

Honestly, the IT world is full of acronyms. People are talking XaaS this or that, and many of us are left scratching our heads, X-what? This particular acronym is the name of the now famous Internet-delivered service. This model is strictly internet based, opposed to local or on-site services.

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Tech Trends: Popular Collaboration Tools for Small Business

Teamwork is the principal idea behind how small businesses run.  Small businesses rely on productivity to drive their profits. With fewer resources than their big business counterparts, it's important to reach max productivity.

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Tech Trends: The Cloud – The New Norm For Businesses?

The Cloud is a huge part of business today. You’d be hard pressed to find a company, big or small, that doesn’t use some form of cloud computing.

In layman’s terms, “the Cloud” means that you’re accessing information by Internet connection. This usually means that your IT equipment or applications live in a data center instead of your office. The equipment is generally managed and maintained by a third-party.

What’s cool for businesses is the Cloud easily grows with your company. It can be a great choice for a lot of things.

Here are the trends we’re seeing.

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I.T Services Grow During Hard Times

RANCHO CUCAMONGA - As businesses began to cut back on new computer equipment and information technology staff during the recent recession, demand for I.T. services grew.

I.T. specialist Marty Kaufman was well positioned to help Inland Empire businesses looking to cut costs. His firm, Accent Computer Solutions, has seen business grow as more businesses grappled with aging computer systems and began outsourcing their I.T. help services.

Kaufman is no stranger to major industry changes like the Great Recession. He started as the I.T. department manager for defense industry contractor General Dynamics Corp. When the aerospace industry began leaving Southern California, Kaufman opted out of following the company to Arizona. He instead started Accent Computer Solutions in 1987, and it has grown to 30 employees.

Kaufman spoke on how the Great Recession changed the needs of businesses for I.T. services and the biggest mistake small business owners make in approaching their I.T. systems...

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