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Tech Trends: The Cloud – The New Norm For Businesses?

The Cloud is a huge part of business today. You’d be hard pressed to find a company, big or small, that doesn’t use some form of cloud computing.

In layman’s terms, “the Cloud” means that you’re accessing information by Internet connection. This usually means that your IT equipment or applications live in a data center instead of your office. The equipment is generally managed and maintained by a third-party.

What’s cool for businesses is the Cloud easily grows with your company. It can be a great choice for a lot of things.

Here are the trends we’re seeing.

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Five Common Businesses Mistakes That Increase IT Costs

Information technology (IT) is the foundation of operations for many companies. It can propel the organization to a new level when utilized effectively. On the other hand, if IT isn’t managed properly, it can quickly become an expensive anchor to growth.

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What To Do When The Cloud Goes Down

Technology is a great enabler.

Think of all the ways that your business is able to thrive, grow and serve your customers better – ways that didn’t even exist 18 to 24 months ago.

That being said, technology isn’t perfect. For all of the power that these systems bring, software will have bugs, hardware will fail and the Internet will go down. Having a plan for when that inevitably happens is what separates the companies that are able to continue business as usual when the unexpected occurs, versus those that lose productive time due to IT problems.

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Which Flavor Of The Cloud Is Right For You?

Secure data backup, greater reliability, better resource and growth management options, and improved collaboration are just a few of the reasons some businesses are taking full advantage of cloud computing.

Yet understanding the choices you have can help you avoid some VERY costly mistakes you could wind up seriously regretting later. To help you move forward with confidence, here are some important points
to consider.

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Cloud Computing And Your Company: What You Need To Know

Like it or not, cloud computing is coming to your industry. The question is, will you happily be an early adopter of this technology or be frozen by indecision?

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3 Things to Consider When Planning a Cloud Migration

The cloud is a very attractive option these days for businesses to host their email, applications, or even their entire IT infrastructure. Doing so provides many companies with a level of scalability and mobility that they haven’t experienced before.

As with nearly all IT decisions, there are benefits and risks that should be considered when planning a cloud migration.

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I.T Services Grow During Hard Times

RANCHO CUCAMONGA - As businesses began to cut back on new computer equipment and information technology staff during the recent recession, demand for I.T. services grew.

I.T. specialist Marty Kaufman was well positioned to help Inland Empire businesses looking to cut costs. His firm, Accent Computer Solutions, has seen business grow as more businesses grappled with aging computer systems and began outsourcing their I.T. help services.

Kaufman is no stranger to major industry changes like the Great Recession. He started as the I.T. department manager for defense industry contractor General Dynamics Corp. When the aerospace industry began leaving Southern California, Kaufman opted out of following the company to Arizona. He instead started Accent Computer Solutions in 1987, and it has grown to 30 employees.

Kaufman spoke on how the Great Recession changed the needs of businesses for I.T. services and the biggest mistake small business owners make in approaching their I.T. systems...

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What Small Businesses Should Know About The Cloud

Technology is amazing. It is hard to comprehend just how fast things are changing.

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