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vCISO: The New Leadership Role Your Small Business Needs Blog Feature
Courtney Casey

By: Courtney Casey on April 5th, 2022

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vCISO: The New Leadership Role Your Small Business Needs

Cyber Security | Managed Security Services

Add another chair to your conference room table because there’s someone who needs a spot at your leadership meetings. It’s your virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO).

While they may not literally sit in on your meetings, their input is vital for executive decisions that pertain to managing cyber risk because they provide guidance and oversight for your cybersecurity strategy.

In this article, we answer the questions:

Let's take a look at this vital role.

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What’s the Difference Between a vCISO and a vCIO?

If you already have a vCIO, you might wonder why you need a vCISO and, in fact, your vCIO may already be covering a lot of vCISO bases.

In the vCIO (virtual Chief Information Officer) role, they’re focusing on the IT function of the business and identifying ways to improve how the organization utilizes technology. The vCISO role is focused on protecting information and access to IT systems.

The “virtual” part of vCIO and vCISO simply means that the person in this role is not a full-time employee of your company. In fact, they’re probably not an employee at all, but a consultant who also works for other companies. This is a cost-effective option for small and medium-sized businesses that don’t have the budget or the need for full-time executives in these positions.

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What Does a vCISO Do?

The role of the vCISO is both strategic and tactical because they’re involved with creating and managing an organization’s cyber security process. This is a dynamic process because cyber criminals are always evolving their tactics, and security needs to evolve as well in order to defend against the latest threats.

Here are a few of the activities that a vCISO might have on their plate:

Who Needs a vCISO?

Every business is a target of cyber crime -- therefore, every business leader can benefit from the knowledge and expertise of a vCISO. What’s more, cyber criminals are using the same tactics to get into your network that they’re using on enterprise-level companies. They may, in fact, try to use you to get to bigger targets.

If you don’t have expert security guidance, it’s a good possibility that you’re facing more risk than you want or could handle in the event of a data breach.

Where Do You Find a vCISO?

vCISO consulting is an emerging field and the supply of professionals who specialize in this discipline is struggling to meet demand. Fortunately, companies who work with Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP) get access to not only a vCISO but cyber security services that fill every role that’s needed to create and maintain a robust security strategy.

Managed Cyber Security Services for Southern California Businesses

Accent is an MSSP and Managed IT Service company providing both security and IT management services for companies with 40 – 500 technology using employees. Clients get access to vCISO and vCIO guidance along with all of the IT security expertise they need to stand up a firm cyber defense.

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