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Why Do We Put Off Decisions? Blog Feature
Marty Kaufman

By: Marty Kaufman on July 31st, 2017

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Why Do We Put Off Decisions?

Business Planning | Executive Insights

It’s a fact of life: we put off making decisions. Some of us are more decisive than others, but the fact remains, we all procrastinate from time-to-time.

Whether it’s in business or in our personal lives, we all do it. But why?

As a business consultant, I’ve seen my fair share of decisions that take a long time to make. Doing your research or due diligence is a great thing, and very important when making decisions that will impact your business.

But what about those decisions you’re just not taking active steps toward? The ones left in limbo. The ones with no perfect resolution. You know the ones.

You desperately want different results, and you know you need to make a change, but you wait…and wait…The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results.

So, why is that? Why can’t we jump into action?

Are you conflicted on what action to take? Are you afraid you’ll make the wrong decision? Do you not have enough information to make a confident decision? Have you not reached the “breaking point” yet? Is it easier to do nothing instead?

It happens to all of us (myself included), and it’s especially interesting to see as an outsider looking in.

I know for me, I feel much better after I’ve made the decision – however tough or easy it was. And I almost always wish I’d made it sooner.

Is there a decision you’ve been putting off? Why?

Although I can’t solve the “why” for you, a word to the wise: The sooner you get it done, the better you’ll feel. So, take comfort in that, but get it done.

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About Marty Kaufman

Marty Kaufman is Founder and President of Accent Computer Solutions, Inc., a Southern California-based innovator in IT thinking. He got his start in the world of Big Data as Manager of Information Systems for General Dynamics. He earned his B.S. degree in Computer Information Systems from California Polytechnic University, Pomona in 1985 and started Accent Computer Solutions as a consulting firm in 1987. He has spent his entire career researching and implementing Information Technology strategies and processes to help his clients reduce the cost and risk of IT.

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