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What is a Managed Firewall and How Much Does a Managed Firewall Cost? Blog Feature
Shantae' Hansen

By: Shantae' Hansen on September 15th, 2020

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What is a Managed Firewall and How Much Does a Managed Firewall Cost?

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Imagine that you had a bouncer at the door of your network inspecting all the traffic that wanted to enter. That's what your firewall does.

You may not think about your firewall every day, but it's a key layer of your cyber defenses that you need to keep your people, data, and network safe. There are numerous manufacturers and models of firewalls that you can choose from, but if you have the option to lease one from your IT services provider, having a managed firewall might be a better option.

At Accent, we support our clients whether they have a managed firewall or not. When we talk with clients about their options when it's time to replace their firewall, we make sure that they have all of the facts including why we prefer some manufacturers and models over others, and how much it will cost to purchase their own firewall compared to managed firewall costs.

Managed Firewall Pricing

Managed firewall pricing depends on the size of your business and how many people are connected to your network. 

You can expect to pay around $150 to $300 per month for managed firewall services. That monthly cost typically includes keeping the software updated, licensing costs, making sure it's operating as it should be, and determining what responses are needed when the firewall detects unfamiliar network traffic.

There could also be one-time labor charges to install the equipment and transition your network over to the new technology, which is usually around $500-$600 per installation site.

How Is a Managed Firewall Different Than Purchasing Firewall Hardware?

The difference between purchasing your own firewall and having a managed firewall comes down to whether you want your firewall to be a capital expense every 3 - 5 years, and if you want the added expense of paying for licensing.

The expertise of your IT team will also make a big difference in whether you get all the benefits out of your firewall, or not.

Let's dig into these points and explore the benefits of having a managed firewall.

1. No Hardware to Buy

With a managed firewall, you're leasing the equipment. That means that your managed IT services provider is taking all of the responsibility for making sure that it works as intended. If there's a problem, they fix it.

They're also going to make sure that the model you get is the one that's going to work the best with your IT environment.

2. No License Renewal Fees

When you purchase your own firewall, you must pay the annual license renewal fee, which is typically between $1,000 and $2,000.

With a managed firewall service, on the other hand, the annual licensing costs are covered by the provider. And ongoing maintenance and replacement become the least of your worries.

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3. Access to Firewall and Cyber Security Specialists

When you deploy managed firewall services, your IT department should know how to professionally implement, manage, and maintain your firewall system. This means your IT team must include cyber security experts, which can be quite costly.

When you work with an IT company like Accent, you get access to an entire team of IT professionals who are well versed with the intricacies of firewall management. Since it's all they do, these experts can identify serious vulnerabilities that would have otherwise gone undetected, leaving your network exposed.

Inexperience with Firewall Causes Network Vulnerability

A firewall isn't just a plug-and-play piece of equipment. Not only does it need to be configured properly, it needs attention as it detects and responds to threats.

At one company, the firewall was being managed by an internal IT employee who didn't have sufficient training or experience to understand the intricacies of firewall management.

The main focus of this employee was to keep everyone up and running, and sometimes that resulted in careless and risky firewall configurations.

Discover the Accent Difference Today

At Accent, we support our clients' needs for cyber security with a comprehensive team of professionals who work together to plan and implement strategies that give executives confidence that they're doing all they can to manage risk.

If you're wondering - or if you know for sure - that you have gaps in security, don't lose another night's sleep. Contact us for a Risk and Security Assessment.


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